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  • LEAPP-HIT Cohort Study

    More than 2,000 sets of household data have been collected, with a tracking rate of over 68%, and academic journal papers and seminar papers are being published.

    A prospective study conducted in Taipei, Taiwan since July 2011

    Pregnant women and their partners are invited to participate in routine antenatal checkups at the outpatient clinics of designated hospitals by professionally trained interviewers.

    Long-term questionnaire tracking, eleven times in total

    We were invited into this long-term follow-up program at the beginning of pregnancy and conducted an initial questionnaire assessment, followed by 10 ongoing follow-up assessments, including two during pregnancy, one month, six months, one year postpartum and up to six years postpartum, for a total of eight assessments.

    Continued attention to neurological development of young children

    Prof. Chen Yi-Hua, Department of Public Health, Taipei Medical University, was the chief moderator, calling on experts in environmental exposure, pediatric clinical and neurological multi-modal analysis, and nutrition to focus on this important issue.

    Neurological health and cognitive development of young children

    Professor Chen Yi-Hua integrated various indicators related to neurodevelopment in the first three years of life (golden 1000 days), including the effects of sleep problems/maternal sleep deprivation, environmental air pollution exposure, the interaction of heavy metal accumulation in the body, multimedia use, parent-child interaction, and early music and language therapy interventions on developmentally delayed infants.

  • What we care

    Parents' continued attention to physical and mental health during the parenting process is expected to have a positive impact on their children.


    Mothers and fathers-to-be Mental and Physical Status

    Parental Mental Health

    Depression, anxiety, stress

    Positive Emotion

    feeling of well-being


    Sleep quality & quantity

    Quality of Living Environment

    Air pollution, heavy metal exposure

    Child Development

    Recognize language, develop evaluations

    Parent-child interaction

    Parenting stress, parent-child reading

    Other important factors

    Nutritional intake, pet companionship, work stress, marital adjustment, etc.